Achy's Den

Monday, June 26, 2006

One heck of a day at office!!!!

Gosh what a day at office. Yup it's appraisal time. Had a fun discussion with my PM and i felt he was telling some comedy story to me regarding the totally messed up processes in ITL. GD had given me what i deserve considering the effort put in and the appreciation received. But SV felt that he was too leniant. SV is more senior in ITL and probably knows how this junk process works here. But he definitely lacks motivating skills which is a prerequisite for a person at his level. Promotion are u kiddding me, in a project that has more PAs than SEs. Forget it, this is part and parcel of a s/w engineers life and not to be taken to seriously when there are other things in life which have more priority than this piece of crap. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My first blog!!

My first time at blogging. I have been thinking for quite some time now to do something meaningful instead of wasting my time completely in Orkut. So this is my first attempt at blogging. The sole purpose of this blog is to let my feelings out which i have kept to myself till now.

It has been more than 20 months since i came to a dream world called US of A. Since i was a child i always used to think i will be landing in US one day. Thanks to ITL got a chance to realize my dreams. It took some time for me to come to the terms of reality. I am in US and i am not a king here and my motto 'Live life kingsize' holds no good here. With time, i started getting used to US lifestyle and eventually started enjoying life here. Met new ppl and made some great friends. I am really thankful to VR, VV, DGN, RBK, KK, VP, PV, KS and SD who have been with me in this exciting, boring, disastrous and at times thrilling journey in US. They have been with me during ups and real lows of life. Chill....Life moves on. More to come.